How to use pakcoin blockchain bootstrap

Download Bootstrap for Pakcoin blockchain:

  • Download the latest version of the bootstrap file here

Place the Bootstrap file:

  • Move the Bootstrap file to the Pakcoin Data Directory:
  • Usually you can find your Pakcoin data directory in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming (windows) OR /home/.pakcoin (Ubuntu)

Start the Pakcoin Wallet:

  • Open Pakcoin wallet.
  • Wait for the bootstrap file to be fully loaded, which can take few hours, depending on your device’s speed.

Check the Sync Progress:

  • Go to “help” > “debug window” > “Information” and check the “current number of blocks” to see the current sync progress.
  • Once the sync is complete, you should see the current height of the Pakcoin blockchain and “synchronized” is written at the bottom of the wallet.

Start using your Pakcoin Wallet:

  • Now that your wallet is fully synced, you can start using it to receive and send Pakcoins.

Note: It is always recommended to keep your Pakcoin wallet fully synced to ensure that you have access to the latest transactions on the Pakcoin network.